Stand up comedy is often put in terms of a battle of wills between audience and performer for ego supremacy.  This paradigm must be tossed out the window and abandoned when you witness Joshua Morrow perform.  Every stage that Josh exits after delivering his signature brand of homespun, inclusive humor feels a little warmer, and audiences are left with a sense that they've reconnected with an old friend.

Joshua Morrow began his career as the steward of The Village Idiot at Lakewood Village Tavern, Cleveland's longest running and most attended open mic.  Under Josh's tenure, this show grew from the usual smattering of local heroes and budding comics to the must visit mic of the week.  He developed an ability to make anyone he brought to the stage feel like a star, and audiences bought in, giving the whole show an event feel despite its humble origins.  

It wasn't long until the clubs came calling, and Joshua Morrow became a talent coordinator and house emcee for the Cleveland branch of Bonkerz Comedy Club.  Josh applies his eye for talent and ability to set up anyone for a great set to create an environment that exceeds audience expectations night in and night out.  He is a valued member of the Accidental Comedy Collective, which is responsible for several showcases throughout Cleveland and the Accidental Comedy Festival every fall.  Josh is also a regular emcee at Hilarities 4th Street theater, and travels the Midwest entertaining hordes of comedy fans seven nights a week.